commercial Civil Law

Civil claims, enforcement proceedings, business startup, liquidation, this area of the law is varied and can be complex. Seeking legal advice is a good way to start.

QCAT deals with various civil matters of Civil Law QLD including:

  • minor debt recovery of less than $25,000
  • complaints of harassment and discrimination
  • building disputes
  • adoption applications
  • blue card applications
  • consumer and trade disputes up to the value of $25,000
  • guardianship for adults
  • residential tenancy disputes
  • dividing fence disputes
  • occupational regulation, and
  • administrative reviews.

As a general rule parties will represent themselves in a QCAT matter however an application can be made to be legally represented and you can certainly seek legal advice to help prepare your argument in the most effective way possible. The recovery of costs will usually be limited to Court Filing fees.

All other Civil Law  matters are dealt with through the normal court system. If you are involved in litigation outside of QCAT it is highly recommended to obtain proper legal representation. If you are successful in your litigation in a higher Court you may be able to claim costs against the other party. The Magistrates Court  handles  matters that are less than $150,000. The District Court  determines matters of more than $150,000 but less than $750,000. The Supreme Court will hear all matters of $750,000 or greater.

If the matter is very complex a jury may be used to decide the disputes in the District or Supreme Court, though this is relatively infrequent. The Supreme Court will normally also deal with matters relating to non-monetary relief such as enforcing a contract, forcing the sale of a property,  or if the matter relates to the principles of equity.

At CQ Legal we not only have an in house team of experienced civil solicitors, but a network of industry specialists throughout Australia. It is this vast field of expertise that is at your disposal when you choose to use CQ Legal.

If you wish to make a claim or need to defend a claim made against you,  please contact us today to arrange an obligation free consultation.