children Parenting

During the process of separation the affect on your children is a consideration of the utmost importance.

Even though you are separating, both parents are the most important people in a child’s life.

The best outcome for the future is where:

  • the children continue to have a loving and meaningful relationship with both their parents and other family members
  • both parents continue to share responsibility for their children
  • the children live in a safe environment, with no violence or abuse.

Separation is a stressful time for any child and they can react in different ways to the situation. How they react depends on their age, personality and the dynamic between the parents. They may experience many emotions that are difficult for them to deal with. However, if they are supported and encouraged to maintain a positive relationship with both parents, grandparents and other relatives, they are more likely to adapt to change.
Children from separated families can grow and excel just as well as other children, especially if they continue to have supportive and caring relationships with parents and other significant people in their lives, like grandparents, and other relatives.

The experienced Family Law team at CQ Legal can help guide you through the decisions and actions you will need to take to help create an amicable parenting arrangement between you and your former partner. In turn giving your kids the best possible chance for a wholesome family environment regardless of separation. Contact our team today to discuss your case.

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