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CQ legal Wills and Estate planning

Preparing for the future and the needs of you family is critical, ensuring your estate is in order is very important regardless of what stage you are at in life. CQ Legal can help you get your plans together from a simple will thought to complex estate planning, guardianship and Enduring Power of Attorney.

What we offer at CQ Legal is a team of professionals who will listen to your wishes for the future, help advise you how to protect those wishes, and help ensure the wellbeing and security of your loved ones. We pay careful attention to the details to minimise any potential issues down the line.

What services can we provide?

  • Simple Wills
  • Complex Wills and Estate planning
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Trusts
  • Deceased Estate and Trust Administration
  • Estate Dispute resolution

Some things for you to think about when preparing your estate

  • Who will care for your family?
  • What assets do you own?
  • Do you have any liabilities?
  • Do you need to establish a trust?
  • Which loved ones do you wish to leave assets to?
  • Implications of leaving property to loved ones?
  • People who may try to claim against your estate
  • Specific gifts you wish to bequeath
  • Life and Funeral insurance policies
  • Do you wish to donate to charity?

Preparing your will can, depending on circumstances, seem very simple or overly complex, your next step now that you have decided to begin planning is get in touch with us, expert advice is more likely to give you a positive outcome.

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